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RLP LifeTrack Process

The RLP LifeTrackTM Financial Planning Process consists of the following five steps:

Our discovery process is much more than a discussion of your investments – it is about understanding and defining your purpose. We recognize that getting to know our clients must include an understanding of your unique life experiences, goals, philosophy, and values. Equally important is giving prospective clients the opportunity to discover who we are, and how we can be a valuable partner.

We analyze each client’s complete financial picture using innovative financial planning and due diligence tools. We assess whether your current path is in line with your purpose and goals defined in our discovery process.

Together, we create a plan that fully integrates our client’s life goals, risk tolerance, and unique philosophies. Importantly, this stage addresses several phases including, accumulation, preservation and transfer of a clients’ total wealth.

As the lead steward, we will oversee the complete implementation of your plan including coordinating with other professionals on your team such as estate attorneys and tax consultants. This holistic approach is designed to ensure your entire plan is aligned with your goals.

Monitoring is an active and ongoing process whereby we regularly evaluate progress toward our goals. We will also monitor to confirm that our plans as initially developed are still accurate and consistent with the changing needs and wishes of our clients.