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Investment Philosophy

We have vast experience in working with institutional clients, and we utilize the same sophisticated, process-driven approach to help all of our clients achieve their goals.  Our investment philosophy is deeply rooted in academic research, and we incorporate both strategic and tactical asset allocation to deliver optimal risk-adjusted returns.  We diversify clients across a multitude of asset classes to help reduce portfolio volatility.

Our investment philosophy centers around the below primary principles:

Open Architecture Platform

RLP utilizes a flexible and innovative investment platform designed to deliver optimal risk-adjusted, after-tax returns to achieve each client’s specific financial goals.  Employing true open architecture, we apply objective analysis to identify, evaluate, and select the most appropriate investments, wherever they are to be found.

RLP constructs client portfolios utilizing “best of breed” opportunities.  We may use outside separate account managers, large institutional managers, or investment funds not normally available to individual investors (or that may be, in fact, closed to new investors).  In appropriate cases, RLP also employs mutual funds, ETF’s and ETN’s in the construction of investment portfolios.

Measured Approach to Risk

At RLP, we believe that clients’ risk tolerance should be determined by the level of return necessary or desired to achieve clients’ objectives.  RLP partners with our clients and their other advisors to make collaborative decisions about their money.

Importantly, we believe that risk should only be undertaken to the extent necessary to achieve a client’s goals.  For many of our clients, risk is not necessary, but instead is a preference.  Our role is to educate and bring clarity to our clients so that together, we can make informed deliberate decisions about risk and return.

Identifying Opportunities and Risks

Our investment committee performs active economic and asset class analysis to identify both opportunities and areas of potential risk.  Our deep due diligence will sometimes result in our committee taking on contrarian points of view where we may confidently go against the herd mentality.  The investment committee meets quarterly and will hold additional meetings between quarters during more volatile periods.  We keep clients apprised of our views through our quarterly newsletter and periodic email updates.

No Market Timing

An overwhelming body of evidence indicates that consistently making accurate near-term forecasts of a market’s direction is extremely improbable.  We have experienced periods when the market behaves in ways that are disconnected to the state of overall global financial affairs, and we expect this to continue in the future.  Incorrectly timed decisions can undermine the long term benefits of a well designed portfolio strategy.  Fully understanding the expectations of a portfolio in periods of short-term volatility allows our clients to make informed decisions toward achieving long-term goals.

Sensitivity to Expenses and Taxes

Taxes play an important role in the net return of an investment portfolio.  RLP mitigates the tax consequences of portfolio management through the strategic placement of investments within taxable and tax-deferred accounts.  We will continually monitor and review portfolios for tax opportunities though tax-loss harvesting.

Expenses play an equally important role in the net return of an investment portfolio.  Since RLP has no proprietary financial interest in any strategy or investment product, our process utilizes investments for our clients that combine optimal performance return expectations with a cost effective solution.