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Sustainable & Responsible Investing

RLP has significant experience in sustainable investing and we are uniquely positioned to assist plan sponsors, foundations, and endowments in developing investment strategies that align with your mission, values and goals.  RLP recognizes that it is no longer business as usual for corporations.  Today, companies must consider how climate change, diminishing natural resources, increasing global population, increasing regulation, and changing consumer demands will affect the future of their businesses.  We believe companies that are getting in front of these issues will be tomorrow’s leaders.  It is precisely these companies that some forward-thinking asset managers are investing in today.  These managers are employing environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis to examine a company’s performance beyond financial statements.  By looking through a much wider lens that integrates ESG analysis along with traditional financial analysis, these investment managers have a broader understanding of corporate management, competitive position, risks and opportunities.

As thought leaders in sustainable investing and ESG analysis, we co-authored the groundbreaking study, “Carbon Footprints, Performance and Risk of U.S. Equity Mutual Funds,” and we were a contributing author to the recently released book, “Evolutions in Sustainable Investing.”  As a sustainable company, RLP Wealth Advisors has a unique appreciation, understanding, and natural interest in assisting our clients in aligning investments with mission, values and goals.

Our unique capabilities include:

  • Exclusive ESG research on hundreds of investment managers
  • Sustainable/responsible investment education for investment committees
  • Investment policy consistent with organizational mission
  • Aligning investments with overall mission, values and goals to improve and manage reputational risk

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